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LetsRun Park Seoul

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In February 1983, the KRA was commissioned to construct the Equestrian Park for the 1988 Summer Olympics.
After the successful hosting the Olympic equestrian competitions, the Park was converted to the Seoul LetsRun Park in September 1989 for thoroughbred flat races.

Gross area
: 1.149,936㎡ (284 acres)
Geandstand capacity
: 2 buildings, 77,000 persons
Saddling area
: 1 buildings, 24 stalls
Stable area
: 60 buildings, 1,442 stalls
Outer teack - 1,800m(L) ; 25m(W)
Inner teack - 1,600m(L) ; 25m(W)
Homestrstch - 450m(L) ; 30m(W)

The main facilities of the Seoul LetsRun Park are as follows.


There are 2 sand tracks.
The circumference of both the inner and outer track is 1,600m and 1,900m respectively.
Both are 23m in width and widen to 30m in the home straight to accommodate a 450m run to the winning post.


There are 2 grandstands. Happy Ville can accommodate 35,000 people and Lucky Ville 42,000 people.
Both grandstands are equipped with various facilities for the convenience of racing fans.


There are 2 stable areas. Juam Stable Area houses about 700 horses
and Sampo Stable Area houses about 600 horses.

Family Park

The Family Park is the park area inside the racetrack where visitors to the Seoul LetsRun Park can enjoy its many features including rose gardens,
children's pony riding, racing simulation machines and depending on the season, either wading pools in summer or skating rinks in winter.

Equine Museum

The Equine Museum has more than 1,500 items on display, including a handful that date the pre-Three Kingdoms' period. Other display items include about 300 from the Three Kingdoms' period(1st century BC~7th century AD), about 100 from the Goryo Dynasty(10th~14th century), about 300 from the Chosun Dynasty(14th~19th century) and over 700 from the modern era.